The 5 States with the Most Interest in EV Charger Rebates

June 12, 2023
BriteSwitch reveals which states have the most action when it comes to electric vehicles and charging stations.

Electric vehicles (EVs) have taken off across the entire United States in 2022, with public interest at an all-time high. With this demand comes an increased interest in available rebates and incentives for installing charging stations for these EVs.

According to BriteSwitch, a firm specializing in capturing local, utility, state, and federal rebates/incentives for business, 70% of the United States is currently covered by an EV charger rebate. Using anonymized data gathered from the nearly 100,000 requests they have processed through their technology so far this year, they were able to determine the areas with the most inquiries.

Also keep in mind that all 50 states can qualify for the federal tax credit. The 30C Tax Credit was just extended until 2032 through the Inflation Reduction Act (learn more here). For this year, the program remains relatively similar to previous years. Starting in 2023, however, there will be new qualifications, such as using prevailing wage and being installed in eligible areas.

More new programs are debuting to help customers reduce the cost of installing EV charging stations.  BriteSwitch has seen an impressive 22% increase in the coverage of rebates since last year. These facilities can include offices, multi-family developments, hotels, or retail. In addition, they expect Level 3 (DCFC) rebates to increase this year and next year as more funding becomes available.

Click through the slides to see what the top five states for EV charger rebate interest are and what rebates are available in those states. 

Randy Young is the operations manager at BriteSwitch, a company that specializes in finding and capturing rebates for businesses. He can be reached at [email protected].

About the Author

Randy Young | Director of Marketing and Data Solutions

Randy Young is the director of marketing and data solutions at BriteSwitch, a company that specializes in finding and capturing rebates for businesses. He can be reached at [email protected]

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