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Powerful Perspectives: Electricians share insights, inspirations, and the importance of social media

Oct. 31, 2023

Despite the increasing demand for electricians, the number of young people pursuing skilled labor jobs is decreasing. However, the growth rate for electricians remains exceptionally strong compared to other industries. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, electrician jobs are projected to experience a 9.1% growth from 2020 to 2030, surpassing the 7.7% average growth rate for all occupations.

To create awareness for the profession, celebrate those in the field, and inspire future generations, Fluke Corporation interviewed seven electricians on Instagram. Their insightful stories offer valuable advice and demonstrate their commitment to safety practices. They also include tool tips and talk about the importance of social media for their careers.

The Spark of Inspiration

The motivations that led these individuals to pursue a career as an electrician vary. Some were inspired by family members, while others were driven by a desire to work with their hands.

Nicolas Sevrette (@montrealsparky), president and owner of MTLSPARKY INC., chose the path of an electrician because he craved new challenges every day and disliked the monotony of a routine. He explains, "I sought a trade that would allow me to utilize my mental faculties as much as my physical abilities."

Similarly, Raymond Chow (, a technician at Send It Automation & Electrical Services, also knew a desk job wasn't for him. He thrives on “thinking and acting on his feet,” which led him to pursue a career in the skilled trades ten years ago. Chow claims “it’s been nothing but fun ever since.”

For Maggie Rogosienski (@electric.mags), the path to becoming an electrician emerged unexpectedly through her affinity for hands-on work. Though she initially aspired to medical school, Rogosienski found her passion for helping clients achieve their fitness goals while working at a local gym. This led her to establish her own personal training business. At a time of personal and professional challenges, a cousin suggested the electrical trade to Rogosienski as an alternative. Despite doubting her mechanical aptitude, she eventually pursued the trade. It changed her life. "Little did I know the profound impact that joining the electrical trade would have on my life,” she says. “It opened doors to incredible experiences and opportunities I couldn't have imagined." Rogosienski is now an electrical apprentice at Local 494 in Milwaukee, working toward becoming a journeyman electrician.

Gems of Wisdom

The value of good advice from mentors and industry veterans can have a far-reaching impact. Here these electricians share their best advice.

Adam Sperry (@completelycordless), general foreman at Baker Group, emphasizes the importance of paying attention. “Every aspect of construction on the job site affects the electrical installation, so it is important to pay attention to the whole process.” He adds that “listening, a willingness to always learn, and the ability to communicate effectively are essential to success as an electrical professional.”
John M. Spier (@warhammerelectric), electrical division manager at Four Winds Mechanical, agreed that listening is important for success. He feels strongly that people who have been in the field for a long time know what they are talking about. Treating them with respect, he says, “can unlock many doors ahead of you.”
Steven Garcia (@tetraelectric), electrician at Tetra Electric, strongly recommends investing in good tools. “Buy the best tools from the beginning and pay attention to the good electricians.”
The best advice Kevin Martinez (@_ksparky) received was to “take pride in your work, even when no one is watching.” Martinez is a journeyman electrician and foreman at IBEW Local Union in San Diego, California.

Sevrette advises individuals to wholeheartedly pursue a career, emphasizing the electrical profession’s remarkable diversity and its abundance of job opportunities that cater to various interests and personalities. He says that the best advice he ever received, which could put you ahead of 90% of your peers, was to “have a good attitude, keep an open mind, and soak in as much knowledge as you can.”

Wired for Safety:  Prioritizing Occupational Well-being

When it comes to safety, using PPE and engaging in safety training is imperative. These electricians also prioritize precautionary measures to ensure a secure working environment for themselves and their teams.

Martinez says his team promotes hazard awareness throughout the day and also does a daily analysis.  “Safety is our priority,” he says, “and I ensure my team follows by helping each other and pointing out risks that may arise, [so we] create a safe working environment."

In addition to doing a thorough risk assessment, Chow and Rogosienski highlight the importance of a contingency plan and emergency preparedness.

For Garcia, vigilance is important. He says, "I always check that the people around me do the right things to avoid accidents."

Spier also underscores the collective strength of the team. "We train our guys day in and out for safety, organization, and workmanship because we are only as [strong] as the weakest member. No one carries anyone on our team."

The Importance of Quality and Fluke Favorites

The significance of using high-quality tools cannot be overstated when it comes to ensuring electrical safety. These electricians understand that investing in reliable equipment is essential for carrying out their work effectively and returning home without incident. Which Fluke tools do they rely on day to day?

Garcia stressed the importance of having the right tools for the right job. When it comes to choosing tools that keep him safe, Garcia says, “I don’t want to get hurt or die, so I only trust Fluke.” He and Rogosienski both rely on a Fluke voltage tester.

The Fluke T6-1000 Electrical Tester  emerged as a favorite for Sevrette and Martinez. Sevrette praised its durability, compactness, and suitability for quick tests, calling it "virtually indestructible" and ideal for most of his tasks. Martinez likes the non-contact voltage feature for obtaining safe and accurate readings.

For Sperry, the Fluke 378 FC True-RMS clamp meter offers trust and accuracy he can trust with his life.

The Fluke 789 Process Meter is Chow’s go-to tool. He says it does about everything he needs and is one of the most reliable meters he’s come across. 

Spier said that a Fluke multimeter, thermal camera, and laser distance meter are essential in his day-to-day.

Social Media’s Electrifying Influence

All the electricians agreed on the importance of social media in shaping their careers. Through creativity, consistency, and authentic engagement, these individuals are harnessing the power of social media to build connections, share knowledge, create opportunities, and inspire future electricians.

Martinez sees social media as a platform for sharing his passion for the trade. By offering tips and insights, he connects with and inspires others. Martinez believes that "sharing awareness about the trades can impact others... guiding them through the process."

Rogosienski recognizes social media's potential as a learning and networking platform. By openly sharing her journey and growth, she has built a supportive community. She explains, "I shared my daily experiences, demonstrating my humility, genuine effort, and enthusiasm for learning the trade." Her transparent approach resonates with followers, fostering a strong sense of connection.

Sverett uses social media as a virtual portfolio for his contracting business. His content showcases his expertise and provides a valuable channel to promote his services and establish business connections.

Chow initially used social media as personal cloud storage for work projects, not expecting its broader impact. He feels that his content resonates with a wide audience and benefits others.

Sperry says social media has allowed him to discover new ways to interact and communicate with others. He says that “it has been a tremendous help in connecting with and training the next generation of electricians.”

These electricians’ insights highlight the many rewards of pursuing a career in the field and the opportunities it offers. Their experiences and wisdom are invaluable reminders of the importance of good safety practices, selecting and using quality tools, and taking advantage of social media platforms for professional networking and growth.

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