9 Things Every Electrical Professional Needs to Know About Arc Flash

Did you know as many as eight in 10 electrical injuries are caused by burns that result from exposure to energy released from an arcing fault? Arc flash, the leading cause of serious injuries and deaths on the job in the electrical industry, can even deliver a fatal burn to someone who’s standing more than 10 ft away from the fault source.

If you install, inspect, operate, or maintain live electrical equipment — or work near such equipment — you must play an active role in protecting yourself. This gallery is based on the full article, “Protecting Yourself from Arc Flash Hazards,” by Dave Kreger, a licensed power engineer, NETA Level III certified technician, and master instructor for the training group of Emerson Network Power’s Electrical Reliability Services, which ran in the October 2014 print edition of EC&M.

Read the full article.


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