NETA Launches New Standards for Maintenance Testing, Certification

NETA Launches New Standards for Maintenance Testing, Certification

These 2015 editions of the standards supersede the 2011 edition of ANSI/NETA MTS and the 2010 edition of the ANSI/NETA ETT.

NETA, the InterNational Electrical Testing Association, an ANSI Accredited standards developing organization, has launched new editions of the ANSI/NETA MTS-2015 and the ANIS/NETA ETT-2015. These 2015 editions of the standards supersede the 2011 edition of ANSI/NETA MTS and the 2010 edition of the ANSI/NETA ETT.

The ANSI/NETA MTS is used to assure that tested electrical equipment and systems are operational, are within applicable standards and manufacturer's tolerances, and are suitable for continued service. These specifications cover the suggested field tests and inspections that assess the suitability for continued service and reliability of electrical power distribution equipment and systems. Equipment addressed in the 2015 edition includes switchgear, transformers, cables switches, circuit breakers, protective relays, rotating machinery, motors, batteries, and more.

The 2015 ANSI/NETA MTS also includes several revisions such as a new numbering system for more accurate referencing; Protective Relay, Instrument Transformer, and Rotating Machinery section updates; revised references to many industry standards; new and revised tables; and numerous other revisions marked in the margins for easy reference.

The ANSI/NETA ETT codifies the experience, education, and training requirements necessary for an individual to obtain competency as an electrical test technician. The ANSI/NETA ETT ensures that individuals performing electrical tests are competent not only to perform the tests, but also to evaluate the results and make sound judgments on the condition of electrical equipment. Further, the ANSI/NETA ETT:

  • Establishes minimum requirements for qualification and certification of the electrical testing technician.
  • Details minimum training and experience requirements for electrical testing technicians and provides criteria for documenting qualifications and certification.
  • Explains the minimum qualifications for an independent and impartial certifying body to certify electrical testing technicians.

The standard defines four levels of expertise -- from Level I Trainee Technicians to Level IV Senior Certified Technicians -- describing a career path for those desiring employment in this field. It also establishes knowledge and skill requirements for each level and the testing requirements necessary to attain each certification.

The ANSI/NETA ETT is valuable to electrical testing firms and personnel, as well as inspection authorities, architects and engineers, insurance agencies, and anyone wishing to assure that the personnel testing their power equipment is qualified for the task at hand.

Both standards are available for purchase online at the NETA website.

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