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 Tip of the Week: The Basics of Chapter 8 in NFPA 70 (NEC)

Tip of the Week: The Basics of Chapter 8 in NFPA 70 (NEC)

This chapter's guidelines apply to communications equipment.

The first four Chapters of the NEC apply to all installations, except as modified by Chapters 5, 6, 7, and 8. Chapter 8 modifies other Chapters when the installation involves communications equipment (as defined in Art. 100). Even though it’s grown over the past few Code cycles, Chapter 8 remains the smallest Chapter in the NEC.


It consists of only five Articles:

• 800 — Communications circuits.
• 810 — Radio and television equipment.
• 820 — Community antenna television and radio distribution systems.
• 830 — Network-powered broadband communications systems.
• 840 — Premises-powered broadband communications systems.

These last two Articles are arranged with the same Sections. Article 840 was new with the 2011 NEC. Article 830 was around a while before that.

Chapter 8 has made significantly more progress than the other Chapters in revising the use of “ground” and ”bonding” and their derivations. With the 2015 NEC revision, this process took a huge leap forward.

Some of the questions that Chapter 8 Articles answer:

• What are the clearance requirements for outside conductors?
• What are the requirements for conductors entering a building?
• What sort of protection must I provide to the conductors?
• How and where do I ground and bond?
• Which installation methods are permitted?

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