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Tip of the Week: Practicality Forms the Basis of NFPA 70E

Tip of the Week: Practicality Forms the Basis of NFPA 70E

Long-held safety practices are now part of this standard.

Many in the electrical industry believe that NFPA 70E presents all kinds of new requirements that just aren’t practical in the real world. This is a misconception. For one thing, NFPA 70E is a consensus standard; some long-held safety practices of the panel member companies are now found in this standard.

The colored maintenance stickers are an example of proven practices that made it into this standard. One of the panel member companies has been using this system for many years. It’s such a good idea that the panel adopted it into the standard.

Having a solid safety strategy provides a competitive advantage. Not just because it reduces the chance of worker injury and death, but because the same practices reduce the chance of catastrophic failure.

So practicality is a key theme in NFPA 70E. In fact, this is stated in its purpose: “The purpose of this standard is to provide a practical safe working area....” [90.1].

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