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Tip of the Week: Properly Allocate Your Motor Maintenance Resources

Tip of the Week: Properly Allocate Your Motor Maintenance Resources

Keep track of failure causes and which have the greatest dollar impact.

You know it’s important to properly allocate motor maintenance resources. And you know this doesn’t necessarily mean working on the most frequent motor failure causes, because those causes may not have the most dollar impact. So how can you determine the proper allocation for your plant?

A good way to do this is to go to the failure cause data, and create a spreadsheet that shows the number of failures per cause type (e.g., winding failure) and the cost in revenue per failure per cause type. Then make a bar chart that sorts by total cost per failure type. Sort from largest to smallest so the bars appear from tallest to shortest, left to right. You want to focus resources on eliminating the root causes of the tallest bars on the chart. If the distribution is normal, you will have a visual representation of the Pareto principle. That is, 80% of the lost revenue is due to 20% of the motor failures.

If you don’t have this representation, maybe you have bad data or are categorizing failures incorrectly. Even so, you can now see the relative dollar impact of failure causes and where to allocate motor maintenance resources. Update this quarterly, and change allocation as needed; just don’t un-allocate from what’s working.

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