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Electrical Testing
Tip of the Week: Single Spot IR Thermometer vs Imaging Camera

Tip of the Week: Single Spot IR Thermometer vs Imaging Camera

Single spot infrared thermometers make some tasks easier, but for other jobs, an imaging camera will be more useful.

When affordable single spot infrared thermometers became available, they enabled maintenance and test personnel to do things that previously required a thermal imaging camera (and the training to use it). For example, they let you get a numerical readout of the temperature of a motor’s thrust bearing housing. They also made it easy to test connection temperature, effectively conducting a high-resistance test while the circuit is energized.

Useful as it is, that single spot instrument is still checking a single spot. It’s just not an imaging camera. Consider purchasing a device that’s between these two instruments.

Suppose you want to test the connections at a three-phase fuse panel. With the single point gun, you’d do this in six steps. With the imaging gun, you’d do it in one. And you’d have images that document the thermal conditions.

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