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Tip of the Week: Understanding NFPA 70E Annexes, Part 2

Tip of the Week: Understanding NFPA 70E Annexes, Part 2

The annexes provide valuable information to help you conduct electrical testing safely.

The Annexes of NFPA 70E can be very useful. In Part 1, we provided an overview of the first four. Here's an overview of the next four:

Annex E — This resource provides a 10-point list of typical electrical safety program principles, an 8-point list of typical electrical safety program controls, and a 12-point list of typical electrical safety program procedures.

Annex F — This resource provides guidance on risk assessment procedures. It includes an overview flow chart of the risk assessment process, a detailed risk assessment flow chart, and several helpful tables. There are multiple points of responsibility; this isn’t something the field electrician leaves up to the employer, nor is it something the employer dumps on the field electrician.

Annex G — OSHA mandates lockout/tagout and provides requirements, but there’s widespread misunderstanding of the implementation. This resource helps clear that up by providing a sample lockout/tagout procedure. This sample is based on actual procedures used by electrical testing firms; these firms conduct probably the most dangerous sort of electrical work and have developed procedures to eliminate or mitigate the hazards. Your existing procedures seem sufficient, but that doesn’t mean they are. Compare them with this sample, and you may find you’ve just been lucky. Luck has a way of running out.

Annex H — The selection of PPE is a common point of confusion and error. This resource, which complements the PPE information in Articles 130 and 250, helps clear that up.

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