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Tip of the Week: Use NFPA 70E to Guide Your Safety Program

Tip of the Week: Use NFPA 70E to Guide Your Safety Program

Understanding how the safety standard is arranged will help you find the sections relevant to your work.

This safety standard seems like a lot to flip through, every time you want to do work on electrical equipment. That’s a “reason” given for ignoring it. But this “reason” fails the test of logic.

First of all, the standard isn’t meant to be directly referred to every time you work on electrical equipment. One of its purposes is to serve as a guide in establishing the written procedures for working on specific equipment. For example, NFPA 70E tells you how to calculate incident energy and arc flash boundaries; you do this calculation once for your switchgear, and then update your procedures with this information.

Second, there’s no need “flip through” this standard. Doing that is actually a bad practice. Instead, understand how it’s arranged. This way, you can quickly refer to the relevant sections when you need to and not miss any.

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