Pittsburgh Light Rail Evacuated After Electrical Fire By Luke H. Gordon from Greenwood Lake, NY, USA - April2008Pittsburgh174

Pittsburgh Light Rail Evacuated After Electrical Fire

Rail stations in downtown Pittsburgh were evacuated on April 27 after an electrical fire along the tracks. Port Authority of Allegheny County spokesman Jim Ritchie said light rail service heading into downtown at the First Avenue station was temporarily stopped because of the fire. It returned to full service about 1:30 p.m.

According to a report from WPXI News, smoke was reported to be coming from an electrical box near a switch along the tracks.The power supply to the entire light rail line was shut down so that crews could investigate and make repairs.

“We were able to uncover the vault and find the problem. We've identified the problem. It was one of two direct-current feeds that feeds power to the subway trains,” Deputy Fire Chief Frank Large said.

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