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Open Standards-Driven Solutions Key to Future-Proof Smart Buildings

State of Building Energy Management survey uncovers compelling results including lack of awareness of the Internet of Things (IoT)


Daintree Networks, Inc., and CoR Advisors have released findings gleaned from their "State of Building Energy Management Survey" distributed to building owners, managers and other industry professionals. The survey was conceived to gain insight into the state of the industry in terms of both awareness and application of today's energy-management technologies for smart buildings.

Key Survey Results

  • About 70% of respondents believe that solutions driven by true open standards (vs. proprietary systems) can help future-proof their facilities.
  • About 59% believe building energy control/management is a critical component of the Enterprise Internet of Things (E-IoT).
  • 43% believe the E-IoT will have an effect on how they run their buildings in the next two to three years.
  • 41% were not familiar with the term "Internet of Things" (IoT).

Adoption Barriers

  • 30% cited more compelling ROI models/shorter payback as the primary driver for their organization to increase investments in energy efficiency solutions
  • About 63% require two to five years' payback for energy control solutions.
  • 24.1% noted "lack of budget" as the reason they are not using technology to manage buildings' energy usage today

Bottom Line

  • 86.4% see their 2014 budget for energy efficiency technologies and upgrades equaling or exceeding 2013 spending ─ creating significant marketing opportunity
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