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Electric vehicle charging
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Artificial intelligence in construction

The AIs Have It

July 11, 2023
Photo courtesy of Tri Star Electric & Automation
LA Residence with Networked Lighting

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Help wanted construction industry

The Hardest Jobs to Fill in the Electrical Industry

March 16, 2023
With an estimated annual shortage of 80,000 electrical professionals into the next decade, any job opening is tough to fill. But some are proving to be tougher than others.
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How to Reduce Lost Labor Hours on Electrical Construction Projects

Feb. 10, 2023
Supply chain shortages, project creep, inadequate planning, and finger pointing are among the reasons why a full-time employee often has the productivity of a part-timer. Here...
Photo 1. This structure in Central Coast, Calif. is powered by an array of 28 solar panels situated down the hill from the guesthouse to preserve views extending out into the ocean. The panels sit along the grade of the hill to maximize exposure to the sun. The conduit is run underground to the garage where the batteries and inverter live.

Rise in Off-Grid Residential Solar Installations

Nov. 15, 2022
Homeowners are increasingly interested in using solar to go off grid — or at least as close as possible. The reasons why indicate this might not be a niche market much longer....