Tom Bishop, P.E.

Senior Technical Support Specialist

Bishop, P.E., joined the staff of the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) following more than 30 years of engineering experience at electrical machinery manufacturers and electrical apparatus service firms. Holding a BS in electrical engineering and a professional engineer’s license, Bishop has authored dozens of technical articles and papers as well as presented numerous seminars on electric motor application, maintenance, and repair. He is chairman of EASA’s Technical Services Committee and a principal member of the National Fire Protection Association Electrical Equipment Maintenance Committee (NFPA 70B).

Photo: akekoksomistock/iStock/Thinkstock
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Unbalanced Current

Nov. 4, 2014
The current of a three motor line lead is not balanced.
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How Precise Are Motor Nameplate Ratings?

June 12, 2013
Correct interpretation of five operating parameters for NEMA, IEC induction motors
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Repair Guidelines for Motors & Generators

June 22, 2011
Best practices of ANSI/EASA AR100-2010: Recommended Practice for the Repair of Rotating Electrical Apparatus