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Rodrick J. Van Wart

Rodrick J. Van Wart was previously a senior consultant and instructor at AVO Training in Dallas, Texas. He has nearly 50 years of experience in the electrical industry that includes chairing test development for the International Code Council’s exams for inspectors, overseeing the development of Iowa’s electrical licensing and permitting programs, and providing training for the state’s Electrical Examining Board members and support staff. Rod served several municipalities as an electrical and mechanical inspector, earned Public Management certification from Drake University, and is a Certified Building Official. A subject matter expert in adult learning precepts and instruction in a classroom setting, he designed and implemented new core curriculum subject matter and has been awarded Top Gun status at Mike Holt’s Instructor Training Conference. A career veteran of the United States Navy, Rod certified apprentices and third-class nuclear electricians logging 336,800 hours of total student contact time. He currently serves as a member of the IEEE PES/ESSB Committee on Working Groups 450, 484 (Vice Chair), 485, 1188, 1578, and 1679.  Currently, Rodrick is an instructor at the Omega Institute for Continuing Education.