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IoT-Ready Alliance Introduces Its First IoT Specification

The IoT-Ready Alliance, San Ramon, CA, introduced its first specification, The IoT-Ready Interface Specification V1.0. The Specification defines a socket that allows any type of Internet of Things (IoT) sensor or control module to connect seamlessly to a luminaire or other building system. The standard is network-protocol independent, which enables IoT-Ready™-compliant products to utilise any networking protocol, either wired or wireless and is suitable for all LED lighting and building control networks.

Among the new standard’s features, it specifies all interface elements: mechanical, electrical and software; provides a complete family of interoperable solutions to Smart Building IoT interface problems; allows in-field retrofit, replacements and upgrades without disassembly.

The Specification is developed under a royalty-free license and works with any network protocol including Thread, BLE, ZigBee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, IP/Ethernet etc., and is designed to be backward-compatible with legacy lighting controls, the alliance said in a release.

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