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HID Lamp Shipment Indexes Remain on the Decline During 2012

NEMA’s high intensity discharge (HID) lamp shipment indexes declined for the second consecutive year during 2012.  Mercury vapor lamps declined 9.6% to an index value of 44 signifying that shipments during 2012 were 44% of the 2006 base level. The index for sodium vapor lamp shipments fell 6.2%, landing at 75. Metal halide lamps posted an index reading of 80, declining by 4.9% for the year.

The relative market shares for each HID lamp type were essentially unchanged with respect to the previous year. Metal halide lamps garnered the largest share with 63.5%. Sodium vapor lamps had a share of 32.5% followed by mercury vapor lamps with a 4.0% share for 2012. 

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