Linear Fluorescent Lamp Shipments Wane During 2012

NEMA’s shipment indexes for T5 and T8 linear fluorescent lamps increased 2.1% and 15.1% in the fourth quarter of 2012 to reach 156.8 and 103.1, respectively. However, the quarterly gains were not able to offset decreases  earlier in 2012. The index for T5 lamps posted an annual reading of 159, a decline of 10.7% from 2011. T8 lamps declined 14% during the year to reach an index value of 99 for 2012. Shipments of T12 lamps showed the largest annual slide, dipping by 18.6% to 50 — half the level of 2006. Similarly, the index for T12 lamps reached a new record low of 36.6, a decline of 1.1% during Q4.

T12 shipments lost 2% during Q4 ending at 16.9%. On an annual basis, T12 shipments garnered a share of 22.4%, buoyed by stronger performance during the first half of the year. Shares of T5 and T8 lamps increased slightly on an annual basis by 0.5 and 0.6 points to 10.0 and 67.6, respectively.

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