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NEMA Publishes Standard for Fiber-Reinforced Composite (FRC) Lighting Poles

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has published ANSI C136.20, "American National Standard for Roadway and Area Lighting—Fiber-Reinforced Composite (FRC) Lighting Poles." This standard applies to FRC lighting poles used for roadway and area lighting. It includes nomenclature, dimensional data, performance criteria, and some interchangeability features for standard poles as well as those that must meet breakaway requirements for poles as described in AASHTO LTS, "Standard Specifications for Structural Supports for Highway Signs, Luminaires, and Traffic Signals."

View the contents and scope of ANSI C136.20-2012. A hard or electronic copy may be purchased for $47 by visiting, or contacting IHS by phone at (800) 854-7179 (United States) or (303) 397-7956 (international).

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