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NEMA Releases Incandescent Lamp Shipments Index for 2012

NEMA’s incandescent lamp shipments index showed a precipitous decline of 40.1% compared to the same period last year. Moreover, the index reached a value of 49.3, a new record low for the series. On an annual basis, incandescent lamp shipments during 2012 were down 18.3% — erasing a 16.4% gain for 2011. Compact fluorescent (CFL) lamp shipments dipped slightly during 2012 to an index value of 176, a change of 0.3% versus 2011. Meanwhile, halogen A-line lamps continued to make inroads as a viable alternative lamp source increasing by 88.3% over last year.

Halogen A-line lamps more than doubled their share of the combined incandescent-CFL-halogen A-line market during 2012, climbing to 3.8%. The market share of CFLs increased 2.8% over last year to 22.8%. Traditional A-line incandescent lamps declined to a share of 74%, matching their lowest level since 2010. 

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