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VA Hospital Converts Facility to Energy-Saving Outdoor Lighting

In 1865 as the Civil War neared its end — in an era of candlelight and gaslight — President Lincoln signed an act of Congress creating a series of regional hospitals and “work camps” throughout the eastern United States for disabled veterans specifically. One of the first of those regional centers was originally a summer resort near the city of Augusta, Maine, known as Togus Springs. By the end of WWII, Togus had become a full-service medical center that continued to grow over the years.

In 2012, the engineering department at Togus Veterans Center agreed it was high time for some upgrades that would improve roadway access at night, cut electricity and lighting-maintenance costs, and improve the quality of the facility’s outdoor pole-mounted road and area lighting as well as selected applications for retrofit energy-saving outdoor and indoor wall lighting.

Graybar Electric, the client's electrical distributor, turned to Magnaray International, Bradenton, Fla., for energy-efficient lighting alternatives. All ninety-seven outdoor pole-mounted high-pressure sodium luminaires that illuminated access roadways, parking lots, and walkways around buildings were replaced with energy-conserving twin-tube single- and dual-head fluorescent luminaires. Each fluorescent luminaire consumes 106W per lighthead, compared to the facility's former units, which consumed 250W per light head.

With these fluorescent luminaires, there is no tripping from drops in circuitry or line voltage, as long as a facility does not experience a total power loss. The light is also instant-on and evenly distributed, with no visible “hotspots.” Rated lamp life is projected to be 48,000 hours or more before needing replacement. By frequent test, these units habitually show an evenness of light and high performance despite the low watts they consume.

Besides the new pole-mounted outdoor lights, the Veterans Center also specified 20 twin-tube single lighthead 106W outdoor wall-mounted luminaires to replace an equal number of HPS units that consumed 480W each, with ballast electrical consumption counted in.

Lastly, Togus further specified nine new compact fluorescent interior “wall-pack” units to replace an equal number of doorway lights for the exact same reasons as the pole-mounted, walkway and main-door overhead outdoor lights. These units consume 20W each and are retrofitted to the same electrical connections as 100W ground-mounted floods.

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