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How To Build Your Business With Smart Lighting

Feb. 14, 2024
Learn more about smart lighting and how it can enhance customer experiences.

As more people opt to remain in their current homes, your business can look to innovate in home comfort and convenience. Did you know that smart lighting can be a powerful solution for enhancing customer experiences, improving satisfaction, and encouraging repeat business?

Today’s smart lighting controls represent a cost-effective way to deliver substantial impact, both in homeowner experience and business benefits. Wiring smart devices is virtually the same as traditional switches and dimmers, while driving incremental revenue and increasing your customers’ satisfaction.

The business opportunity is there, and we’re here to help you get started.

Understand the options available

Smart lighting solutions can fit every budget and come in a range of styles and control options. Depending on the needs of your customers, they can span from controlling one light with a wireless remote to using your phone to automate the lights for an entire home.  

Smart dimmers, switches, and fan controls give your customers even greater flexibility by allowing them to control their lights by phone, voice assistant, or at the switch.

Wireless remotes allow you to conveniently add another point of control almost anywhere. Simply mount the remote to the wall and pair it with a smart control. It will look and feel just like a regular switch without having to cut holes or pull wire: 3-way made easy.  

Start small

Many full-home lighting systems begin with a single room. Start the conversation by explaining how adding smart lighting controls could transform the way they entertain in their kitchen or automate the control of their outdoor patio lights. This presents a low-risk way for homeowners to experience the benefits and discover how easy the technology is to use. As your customers enjoy this convenience over time, you’ll often get calls to install more smart lighting controls throughout the rest of their homes. 

Get hands-on experience in your own home

The best way to become an expert in smart lighting controls is to live with it in your own home. This familiarizes you with the features and benefits and builds your confidence with the solution. While in your customers’ homes, you can show them how you have used the app to customize your own light schedules to help them to visualize the system in their own homes. Once they see how simple it is to control lights through an app, they’ll become more interested in smart lighting. 

Learn what motivates your customers

Most people are looking for three things from their homes:

  1. Peace of mind: People want to know their family and home are safe and secure. It’s why many homeowners leave their outdoor lights on at night and keep them on while they’re away. Smart lighting allows homeowners to automate this task.
  2. Practicality: Saving time and effort can be a big motivator for your customers. Smart lighting solutions offer simple conveniences. For example, sensors are a great way to turn lights on when entering a laundry room when your hands are full or turn lights off when your kids forget to do so. Furthermore, voice control or wire remotes can keep aging seniors seated and safe when turning on a light to read.
  3. Comfort: People want their homes to be a place where family and friends can relax and unwind. They will purchase some things simply for comfort and enjoyment. Smart lighting is easy to use and can set the right tone for relaxing or entertaining. 

Ask the right questions 

As you talk to your customers and observe their homes, you’ll start to learn more about what’s important to them. Good conversation starters include:

  • Where do you wish you had a light switch but currently do not?
  • Are any of your lights on a timer? What if that timer became a sunrise/sunset schedule in an app?
  • Which rooms have the lights left on too often? What if you could automatically turn them off after a set amount of time?
  • What do you do with lights when you go on vacation? What if you could have the home appear occupied while you’re away?

Be alert for concerns and opportunities your customers bring up. Maybe they mention how they leave their outdoor lighting on all day so they don’t have to come home to a dark house after work. Maybe they have a smart speaker on their counter and would enjoy controlling their lights with their voice. These could be the openings you need to talk about how lighting controls can make life easier and more efficient.

Smart lighting controls offer solutions that cater to your customers’ needs, streamlining their daily routine and making life more convenient. This is a great way to get more repeat customers and grow your business. For more in-depth training about smart products and applications, check with trusted manufacturers or a local distributor.

About the Author

Adam Mack

Adam Mack is product manager for Caséta by Lutron. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering from Lehigh University.       

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