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5 Top Trends in Landscape Lighting for 2024

March 29, 2024
Cooper Lighting breaks down 5 trend for landscape lighting in 2024.

Specifiers are always looking for ways to create beautiful and functional outdoor spaces that people can enjoy day or night.

For 2024, the ‘third space’ will drive key trends for landscape lighting. As you may know, the third space refers to the social spaces that are neither home nor work – parks, plazas, and other public spaces where people congregate. Lighting in these spaces can create a sense of community and encourage people to spend more time outdoors, even after dark.

How do you maximize the benefits of the third space in your landscape designs? Here are some ideas:

  1. Pathway Lighting: Integrated lighting along pathways and outdoor stairs creates a sense of security, helping people navigate the space safely and comfortably after dark.
  2. Lighting Color and Temperatures: Colorful lighting is a popular trend that’s expected to dominate in 2024. It's a great way to add personality and vibrancy to public spaces. Use colored lights to highlight key features, support a theme/event, or just create a playful atmosphere.For general landscape illumination, warmer tones are trending for a cozier, more inviting atmosphere.
  3. Motion-Activated (Interactive) Lighting: Interactive lighting is a trend that's gaining traction for public spaces. Consider incorporating lighting that responds to movement or sound, encouraging people to engage with the space in new and exciting ways. In addition, by using lighting and full brightness only when needed, your clients will save energy and related costs.
  4. Dark Sky-Friendly Lighting: The growing awareness of light pollution is leading to a trend in dark sky-friendly lighting – including narrow-band amber LED – which reduces light spill and aims to minimize the impact on the night sky. 
  5. Solar Lighting: Because it uses renewable energy, solar landscape lighting is growing more and more popular. It helps your clients minimize their carbon footprint and once installed, solar lighting helps organizations save on electricity costs.

Beauty and Function Create Public Spaces People Love

By creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed day or night, you can enhance the quality of life for those who use these spaces.

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