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DiiA and Zhaga to Cooperate on IoT Lighting

Two standards development groups to work together on lighting connectivity

The trend in lighting towards digital systems has highlighted the need to define common interfaces for sensors and connectivity modules, work that has engaged the efforts of the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA) and the Zhaga Consortium (Zhaga), both of which are developing specifications in this area.

DiiA recently announced that it is “developing specifications for an optimized DALI interface inside luminaires, which will simplify the connection of luminaires to IoT networks.” Simultaneously, the Zhaga Consortium reported that it “has finalized a new specification (Book 18) that helps to bring the Internet of Things (IoT) to outdoor LED lighting fixtures.”

The organizations have now signed a liaison agreement with the aim to share technical information about available and upcoming specifications and certification programs and timelines. The groups’ first step working together will be to align the DALI-based communication protocol with the Zhaga Book 18 specification.

“Both organizations understand the market needs and have decided to sign a liaison agreement,” Ruud van Bokhorst, general manager of DiiA, said in a joint release. “This liaison allows us to make the correct decisions on the best way forward in addressing this important market need.”

“By means of this liaison we aim to explore possibilities to define truly comprehensive specifications and certification programs, which will be the base for broad adoption of digitalization in lighting and increased speed to market,” Giovanni Scilla, chair of the Zhaga Steering Committee, said.

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