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How Much Do You Know About Responsible Light at Night?

April 14, 2023
Take this quiz to test your knowledge about light pollution.

A staple of our 24/7 society, outdoor lighting helps people navigate safely and enables a wide range of nighttime pursuits. However, artificial light at night comes with a cost —particularly when the wrong type and/or amount of light is used or improperly located. The DesignLights Consortium (DLC) established its LUNA Requirements and Qualified Products List (QPL) for outdoor solid-state lighting products to help counter these issues by promoting adoption of high-quality outdoor lighting that minimizes light pollution, provides appropriate visibility for people, and limits negative impacts to human communities and the environment. Products on the LUNA QPL are already eligible for energy efficiency rebates and help capture energy savings by using the right type and amount of light only where and when it is needed.

Take this quiz to test your knowledge about light pollution and the strategies available to mitigate negative impacts of light at night. Good luck!

For more ideas and information, check out the DLC’s Seven Strategies to Minimize Negative Impacts of Outdoor Light at Night resource.  

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