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Telensa and Eaton Lighting Enter Partnership

Companies will work together to deliver connected solutions for outdoor LED lighting and related smart city applications

Telensa, a London-based provider of smart streetlight controls and smart city applications, and Eaton Lighting, Peachtree City, Ga., recently announced they will work together to deliver connected solutions for outdoor LED lighting and related smart city applications.

“The outdoor lighting controls market is fragmented, with many vendors having a limited deployment footprint. We know the industry is looking for resilient turnkey solutions that are proven at scale and with the largest city and utility lighting networks, which is why we are excited to join forces with Eaton Lighting as smart LED street lighting enters the mainstream,” says Will Gibson, founder and chief commercial officer at Telensa.

The goal of the partnership is to expand the implementation of integrated lighting, control, and smart city solutions that are easy to deploy, scalable, and offer long-term value to utilities, cities and Departments of Transport.

“Cities and utilities are looking for simple, scalable solutions for smart LED street lighting that can grow into a full smart city infrastructure,” says Bob Smith, director of connected communities, Eaton Lighting. “Streetlights are an ideal location to deploy connected technology solutions, and we look forward to continuing to work with Telensa to make the vision of the smart city a reality.”

Connected street lighting serves as the gateway to a range of smart city applications, from traffic analytics to air quality. Outdoor lighting is one of the largest, most energy-intensive elements of city infrastructure, and is rapidly converting to LED technology.

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