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Lighting Control Guide – Designing for Resilient Buildings

Oct. 20, 2021
Learn how companies and schools have had to rethink and reorganize space in response to employee and customer concerns as well as frequently changing pandemic guidelines.

Over the last 18 months, office buildings, restaurants and hotels, schools and universities, and retail environments have had to rethink and reorganize space, not only to address employee and customer concerns, but also in response to frequently changing COVID-19 guidelines. As the built environment prioritizes resilience, building systems, like smart lighting control solutions, have to better support this mission.

As an engineer or commercial contractor, you have to design and install lighting control solutions that are responsive and flexible enough to quickly adapt to changing schedules and new occupancy patterns, can monitor and analyze data to help reduce waste, promote comfort and productivity, and will continue to add value over time. Read on to see how wireless lighting control systems can simplify design and installation, make it easy to support changing energy and building codes, provide a comfortable, productive, engaging environment, and add that layer of resiliency that building owners demand.

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