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EC&M Asks Video — How to Avoid a Bus Duct Failure

April 26, 2023
In Episode 14, Ron Widup covers a variety of bus duct basics.

In Episode 14 of “EC&M Asks,” a video series featuring subject matter experts (SMEs) answering reader-submitted questions regarding popular electrical topics, Ron Widup, vice chairman, board of directors, and senior advisor of technical services for Shermco Industries covers bus duct basics. He addresses the basic construct of a bus duct, how to avoid a bus duct failure, and where installers can look for guidance on this topic. 

EC&M Asks” is a video series that enlists the technical expertise of our brand’s subject matter experts to answer our readers’ most pressing electrical questions. Posted twice per month, these quick videos offer Q&As on topics related to various installations, applications, and troubleshooting scenarios. When our readers ask, EC&M answers. 

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