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NEMA Publishes New Test Requirements for Insulation-Piercing Connectors

Tests relate to low-voltage aerial bundled cables and bare and insulated line wires.

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), Rosslyn, Va., published new testing requirements for insulation-piercing connectors based on an updated ANSI standard for testing methods.

In ANSI C119.5-2018 American National Standard for Electric Connectors—Insulation-Piercing Connector Systems, Rated 600 V or Less (Low Voltage Aerial Bundled Cables and Insulated and Non-Insulated Line Wires), developed by the ANSI C119 Subcommittee for Connectors, the revised ANSI C119.5-2018  covers insulation-piercing connectors used for making electrical connections between insulated, insulated-to-bare, and bare-to-bare conductors rated 600 V or less and 90°C (low-voltage aerial bundled cables and bare and insulated line wires) on overhead distribution lines for electric utilities.

“In this edition of C119.5, the common test for the C119 family of standards has been removed and replaced by references to the document C119.0 Testing Methods and Equipment Common to the ANSI C119 Family of Standards. Users of this standard should also acquire C119.0,” said Andy Zwit, Technical Marketing Manager, ILSCO Corporation and Chair of the C119 Subcommittee for Connectors. 

ANSI C119.0-2015 is available at no cost and ANSI C119.5-2018 is available for purchase, both on the NEMA website.

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