EC&M Tech Talk — The Practical Side of NEC Terms and Definitions

Feb. 1, 2024
Randy Barnett covers seven topics to help understand some of the more confusing terms in the NEC.

In Episode 35 of EC&M Tech Talk, Electrical Trainer Randy Barnett covers seven topics to help understand some of the more confusing terms we often run into in the NEC. The Tech Talk is divided into seven topics and briefly described below:

  1. Article 100 Definitions – includes the major changes to this article
  2. Voltage Levels – the confusion between Low, Medium and High
  3. Cables – 44 definitions, but we need to understand a few
  4. Circuit Breakers – four terms explain the different types
  5. Fuses – look at some of the terms not often used
  6. Classes of Circuits – includes the Class 4 Circuit now in the NEC
  7. Grounding – some of the big picture terms to help remove confusion

Not using the proper terminology based on NEC definitions creates confusion on its own. But then, questions arise even if we use the right terms. For example, “Are those cables bundled or not?”, “What is High Voltage in the Code, and how can it also include medium voltage cable?”, and “What is a motor circuit protector?”

Viewing this Tech Talk will most likely make you more inquisitive and force you to dive a little deeper into the rules when applying the NEC. Understanding the practical side of terms and definitions often helps to make navigating the Code a little easier.     

About the Author

Randy Barnett | CEA

Randy Barnett is an NFPA Certified Electrical Safety Professional, a long-time journeyman electrician, instructor and author with expertise in industrial electrical construction and maintenance. He is Electrical Codes & Safety Manager for NTT Training. Because of his ability to develop and deliver quality programs, Randy has trained more than 10,000 students in all 50 states, including Canada, Singapore, Afghanistan, Dubai, Trinidad, and Saudi Arabi. His articles appear in numerous trade publications and, his book on "Commercial and Industrial Wiring" is used as an entry-level text in many electrician training programs. Randy also appears at various corporate and trade association speaking engagements and consults on training program design and implementation. Randy is a graduate of the U.S. Navy Nuclear Power School, served as a nuclear electrician in submarines and holds a B.S. in business.

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