Webinar: How Circuit Breaker Condition Affects Arc Flash Safety

Identifying and troubleshooting the most common issues with switchgear condition and how they relate to arc flash hazards

This event was originally held on July 31, 2023 and is now available for on demand viewing
Duration: 1 Hour


The tell-tale sound, flash of light, flames, and resulting smoke — all indications that an arc flash incident has taken place. It’s the ultimate workplace nightmare of every electrical professional — something has gone wrong, and now people (and equipment) are directly in harm’s way.

There are many causes of arc flash events. Oftentimes, they stem from human error, as is the case when workers use uninsulated tools during energized work, accidentally make contact with exposed live parts, or use damaged equipment. Other accidents are a direct result of the condition of the equipment, such as a loose connection, water intrusion, or worn/damaged insulation. These items can be identified during normal inspections (when, and if, those inspections are performed).

In this webinar, Denise Green, operations manager of Circuit Breaker Sales, reviews the most common issues typically found with breaker condition and how those relate to arc flash hazards.

You will come away a wealth of practical information from this webinar, including:

  • Hidden electrical conditions created by the physical condition of the equipment.
  • Past maintenance practices, such as lubrication, which contribute to electrical risks.
  • Assessing the atmospheric environment of circuit breaker equipment.
  • Consequences of breaker maintenance: failure to trip – partial trip – delayed trip.
  • Understanding circuit breaker trip curves and arc flash evaluation reports and how to consider in job hazard analysis and selecting proper PPE.
  • Evaluating the Arc Flash Label in light of the 2018 revisions to IEEE 1584.
Denise Green
Midwest Regional Sales Manager and National Breaker Specialist
Group CBS
Denise Green, Midwest Regional Sales Manager and National Breaker Specialist, Group CBS, has been in the electrical distribution industry for 33 years, providing hands-on circuit breaker and troubleshooting service and electrical field service as well as holding project management, operations management, and sales management positions. In addition, she has been administering arc flash and NFPA70E awareness training for 12 years to both electrical field service companies and commercial and industrial customers.

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