5 Most Memorable Moving Violations Videos of 2014

5 Most Memorable Moving Violations Videos of 2014

NEC Expert Russ LeBlanc presents readers with serious electrical safety questions and points out specific problems and solutions based on the 2014 NEC.

In the electrical industry, there’s no question the National Electrical Code (NEC) is king. Because all electrical professionals must follow NEC requirements and pass inspection on all projects, EC&M readers continually rate the NEC as their top area of interest. Armed with a video camera and taking readers out into the field with him, NEC Consultant Russ LeBlanc is on the move in “Moving Violations,” serving as a mobile electrical detective. Who knows why people do what they do — all of these videos leave us wondering, “what in the heck were they thinking?” However, looking back at last year’s coverage, a few videos definitely stand out. Following are a handful of clips EC&M editors selected as the most memorable of 2014. Watch what not to do, and get a quick lesson on each specific NEC violation and remedy.

Surface Extension

Russ questions the design of this wiring extension and its accompanying ceiling-mounted box. This is as a violation of Sec. 314.22 of the 2014 NEC.

Abandoned NM Cable

Russ finds a surprise when he pokes his head into a suspended ceiling space of this building. He spots some NM cable that was used for temporary lighting, but never removed when construction was complete, which is a violation of Sec. 590.3(D) of the 2014 NEC.

Failure to Communicate

Russ points out a couple of violations associated with this communications cable installation. He questions the mechanical execution of work requirements as noted in Sec. 800.24 and the box cover requirements of 314.25 of the 2014 NEC.

Incomplete Raceway

Russ finds a conduit body that at first appears to be just hanging out. Upon closer examination, however, he sees the installer decided to poke his own hole in the conduit body rather than use the designed raceway entry. This is a violation of Sec. 300.18 of the 2014 NEC.

Improperly Mounted Switch

Russ demonstrates how someone improperly mounted a disconnect serving a rooftop A/C unit, which violates the requirements set forth in Sec. 404.4(A) of the 2014 NEC.


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