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Bad Practices, Part 6

Three tips to guard against bad maintenance practices.

Bad maintenance practices tend to sneak into the way things get done. This article includes three more to guard against.

Bad Practice #11 — Installing Temporary Test Rigs Permanently.
A classic example is the extension cord run to a PLC cabinet and tie-wrapped in place. This violates the NEC in several ways, and presents unnecessary risks to people and property. If you need power for test equipment, then install a convenience receptacle using an approved wiring method.

Bad Practice #12 — Pushing a Mess Aside to do the Preventive Maintenance (PM) Work.
Cleaning up the mess is part of the PM. For example, you encounter an insect mud structure on the enclosure. You could just knock it down and kick the clods away. But now you have loose dirt near the equipment, and you've done nothing about the insect infestation.

Bad Practice #13 — Moving Boxes Out of the Way of Electrical Equipment Without Reporting the Incident.
Maintenance is about more than conducting tests and inspections. You also need to maintain clearances. If people are violating clearances, notify the appropriate supervisor in writing and in person.

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