Don’t Let Fire Suppression Get You Down, Part 2

When fire suppression systems automatically protect entire rooms, following Best Practices can mean the difference between tragedy and "just another exciting day."

Here are some to implement:

• Before starting the work, review the fire suppression system logic and control drawings to determine if you might accidentally trigger activation. If so, you may need to lock out the system and that is going to require special permission.

• Before entering the room, ensure you’ve met all the notification and monitoring requirements.

• Never block the doors to a fire-suppressed room, unless specifically authorized by the supervising authority. Ensure the authorization and its limitations are clearly understood by all parties before proceeding.

• If you find the door blocked open when you arrive, don’t enter. Report this to the supervising authority, and wait until you get that person’s permission to enter.

• If another crew blocks the door open while you’re in the room, stop your work and inform them it’s a fire suppression door. If they say they have permission, confirm this with the supervising authority.

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