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Staying Safe in IT rooms, Part 3

To guard against IT room dangers, be aware of IT room characteristics before entering the room. We addressed three in our previous issue. Let’s take a look at three more.

  • Locate the exits. Know where the nearest exit is from each intended work location in the IT room.
  • Have an exit plan. IT rooms tend to be crowded. Also, things typically get moved around after a lighted exit path is established. Consequently, a dark exit is often a dangerous exit. It doesn’t do much good to head for exit sign, only to trip over an obstacle and be rendered unconscious. You may need to set up portable LED lights to make your own lighted path before working in the room.
  • Find an out. Leaving the IT room safely, only to wander around in a haze of smoke looking for a door to the outside is obviously not a good outcome. If there’s not a lighted exit path from the IT room to the outdoors, identify this safety violation to the facility manager, then create a temporary lighted path of your own.
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