Mike Holt Electrical industry 2018 state rating Mike Holt Enterprises

Mike Holt Enterprises Releases 2018 State Rating of the Electrical Industry

Seven state receive an A+ rating

As part of its ongoing focus on electrical safety, Mike Holt Enterprises annually updates its report that assigns a grade to U.S. states for electrical standards that are mandated statewide.

The following criteria are all required at the state level for points to be assigned for this report:

  • The NEC edition adopted (current = 2017 NEC issued on Aug. 4, 2016).
  • Licensing and/or certification required for Apprentice, Journeyman, Master/Contractor, Inspector, and Engineer licenses.
  • Continuing Education (CEU or PDH) required for license renewal.

The following criteria are not included in the report:

  • County and Municipality adoptions. There are many local adoptions, and in many cases county and municipalities adopt the most recent building and electrical codes ahead of their state. The scope of anything other than statewide mandated requirements is beyond this report.
  • Enforcement or effectiveness. Currently, there is no way to track or correlate enforcement as it relates to rates of incidents or accidents.

For more information, visit www.mikeholt.com.



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