CodeFinder maps, seen here in a screenshot from the website, let users drill down to see code adoption by jurisdication.

NFPA CodeFinder Tool Debuts with Maps of Code Adoption

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has released a new interactive online tool that identifies the NFPA codes and standards that are in effect in U.S. municipalities or counties, as well as in regions of Canada, South America, Latin America and the Middle East. 

The tool, called CodeFinder, is designed to help users around the globe identify the NFPA codes and standards in effect, including those referenced in other codes. The NFPA release said the tool integrates data available at the state level, in cities with more than a quarter million in population and in counties with over one million in population (or the largest municipalities in the state). The tool also identifies the NFPA codes and standards being used in countries outside the United States.

 “Codes and standards are developed by experts from around the globe to ensure a minimum level of safety. Current editions of codes incorporate learnings from new research, case studies, loss experience, and innovation. By applying the most recent codes and standards, we will ensure that people and property get the level of protection that they expect and deserve,” President and CEO Jim Pauley told attendees at the NFPA Conference & Expo in Las Vegas. “CodeFinder was developed so that those charged with fire and life safety can easily access up-to-date safety benchmarks and help reduce risk in our world.”

CodeFinder utilizes color-coded mapping and a hovering feature, and filters results by jurisdiction. Users can also search by topic or by the most frequently used NFPA codes and standards. NFPA included a place for users to provide code information, if the information is not already included within CodeFinder.

NFPA said CodeFinder is designed to be informational and educational, and does not provide a comprehensive or exhaustive list of codes and standards usage, nor are amendments to those codes and standards reflected in the tool. The color-coding on the map reflects only the most up-to-date edition of a particular code or standard incorporated by any authority having jurisdiction. Prior to using the new NFPA resource, users will be prompted to review more details and disclaimers for CodeFinder.

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