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Code Quiz: GFCI Protection for a Receptacle Supplying a Fixed or Stationary Appliance

April 20, 2023
Test your knowledge of the NEC with this challenging question.

Based on the 2023 NEC.

Question: In other than dwelling units, a receptacle supplying a fixed or stationary appliance requires GFCI protection in which of the following situations?

  1. The receptacle is located within 6 ft of the sink
  2. The appliance is located within 6 ft of the sink

See answer below.

Answer: Both A & B

Explanation: Section 210.8(B)(7) now requires GFCI protection for receptacles that supply fixed or stationary appliances when either the receptacle or the appliance is located within 6 ft of the sink. It does not matter if the receptacle is accessible or not. A fault within the appliance can cause a shock hazard to someone contacting the appliance and the sink, therefore GFCI protection is now required.

Lupacchino is a senior design engineer with Gaylor Electric, Inc. in Noblesville, Ind. and serves as an alternate on NEC Code-Making Panel No. 3. He is currently licensed in more than 80 jurisdictions. He can be reached at [email protected]

About the Author

John Lupacchino | Senior Design Engineer

John began his career in electrical construction as an apprentice and worked his way through the trade. He is currently licensed in more than 80 jurisdictions. With more than 35 years of experience, he now plays a vital role in Gaylor Electric’s Engineering Department, where he serves as a senior design engineer. With a focus on design engineering, quality assurance, and code compliance, he has earned the highest level of respect from industry professionals alike. John currently serves as an alternate on NFPA 70 Code Making Panel No. 3. In addition, he enjoys sharing his electrical knowledge through education. As an Associated Builders and Contractors instructor, he continues to help grow a new generation of high-performing construction leaders.

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