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Texas Adopts 2017 NEC

The 2017 National Electrical Code becomes effective on September 1, 2017.

According to a recent edition of Code Alerts from the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, the 2017 NEC will be the "minimum standard" for all electrical work in Texas (covered under state law) when adopted September 1, 2017. Chapter 1305.201 of the Texas Electrical Safety and Licensing Act provides municipalities the specific authority to make local amendments to the 2017 NEC; however, any proposal to amend these standards should be done in accordance with NEC 90.4, which stipulates that "the authority having jurisdiction may waive specific requirements in this Code or permit alternative methods where it is assured that equivalent objectives can be achieved by establishing and maintaining effective safety." Also beginning September 1, 2017, all examinations for state electrical licenses will be based on the 2017 NEC.


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