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TIA Unveils New Addendum

Installation guidelines explored for supporting power delivery over 28 AWG cord cabling

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) TR-42.7 Engineering Committee on Telecommunications Copper Cabling Systems (568) recently issued a call for interest for document TSB-184-A-1 initially titled "Guidelines for Supporting Power Delivery Over Balanced Twisted-Pair Cabling- Addendum 1- use of 28 AWG cords."

The proposed addendum will provide installation guidelines that are useful in supporting the delivery of power over installations of 28 AWG cord cable. Guidance will include but is not limited to: 28 AWG cord cable installation guidelines for DC powering, 28 AWG cord cable bundle sizes, and 28 AWG cord cable ampacity of the bundle. Stakeholders may include users, producers, and test equipment producers of balanced cabling.

For more information on this addendum and how to participate in standards development with TIA, contact Stephanie Montgomery.


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