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The 10 Craziest Code Violations of 2014

Shoddy electrical installers beware. If you’re behind an electrical installation gone wrong, there’s a good chance your handy work may turn up in the pages of EC&M or on our website at some point.

When it comes to National Electrical Code (NEC) violations, EC&M’s team of Code experts provides a seemingly endless supply of disastrous Code catastrophes throughout the year. By taking readers on a journey across the country and demonstrating example after example of what not to do, they continue to present readers with serious electrical safety questions, point out specific problems, and offer feedback on how to correct each design and/or installation error to help prevent similar mistakes from happening in the future. The question is: Of all our Code content posted online or printed in the magazine in 2014, which items were the most extraordinary? That’s a difficult proposition but one EC&M editors were ready to take on.

Following are our picks for the absolute craziest Code violations photos of last year. Check out the hint presented for each photo and then see if you can correctly identify the violations (as per the 2014 NEC) noted on the following slide.


5 Most Memorable Moving Violations Videos of 2014

Top 20 Changes in the 2014 NEC



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