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According to the 2005 NEC, GFCI protection for personnel is required for 15A or 20A receptacles in all but which of the following circumstances?

A) Outdoors in public spaces, at receptacles employees use to plug in things like their engine block heaters in the winter months or for other purposes any time
B) For the power source of non-power-limited or power-limited fire alarm circuits (excluding a dwelling unit unfinished basement)
C) Near laundry, utility, and wet bar sinks in a dwelling unit
D) For a boat hoist in a dwelling unit location

Answer: B)

Explanation: Per a 2005 NEC change to 760.21 and 760.41, GFCI and AFCI protection of circuits supplying power-limited and non-power-limited fire alarm circuits shall not be permitted. Per 210.8(B)(4) receptacles outdoors in public spaces (as defined) require GFCI protection for personnel. Laundry, utility, and wet bar sinks also require GFCI per 210.8(A)(7). And boat hoists on dwelling unit property require GFCI protection for personnel per 210.8(C).

Owen is the owner and president of National Code Seminars and the holder of master electrician certifications in 46 states.

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