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Class A GFCI protection for personnel is required for all but which of the following installations?

A) To protect heating cables installed in electrically heated floors of any bathroom, and in hydromassage bathtub areas
B) For receptacle outlets installed for vending machines, or a GFCI device which is integral in the supply cord of the vending machine
C) For 15A and 20A, single-phase, 125 through 250V, 50/60 Hz receptacle outlets installed in the work area of an aircraft hangar
D) For receptacle outlets that are installed outdoors and are accessible to the public, or are for use by the public

Answer: C

Explanation: Per 2005 changes to 210.8(B)(4), 422.51, 424.44(G), GFCI protection is now required for outdoor receptacles accessible to the public, cord-and-plug-connected vending machines, and electrically heated floors of bathrooms and in hydromassage bathtub locations. A change to 513.12 requires Class A GFCI protection for all 15A and 20A, single-phase, 125V – not 250V -- receptacles installed in the work areas of aircraft hangars.

Owen is the owner and president of National Code Seminars and the holder of master electrician certifications in 46 states. He can be reached at [email protected].

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