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Q. Where more than one equipment grounding or bonding conductor of a branch circuit enters a box, all such conductors shall be in good electrical contact with each other, and the arrangement shall be such that the disconnection or removal of a receptacle, luminaire (fixture), or other device fed from the box will not interfere with or interrupt the grounding continuity. Where is this section found in the 2005 NEC?

A) 110.12(C)
B) 250.148
C) 300.13(B)
D) 551.55(E)

Answer: D
Article 551, Recreational Vehicles and Recreational Vehicle Parks, covers the electrical conductors and equipment other than low-voltage and automotive vehicle circuits or extensions thereof, installed within or on recreational vehicles, the conductors that connect recreational vehicles to a supply of electricity, and the installation of equipment and devices related to electrical installations within a recreational vehicle park. Section 551.55(E) focuses on the grounding continuity in the area of interior grounding equipment.

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