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Revising the Revisions

The members of 22 NFPA technical committees met in Salt Lake City on May 26 to approve the latest editions of the standards they oversee. Twenty of those committees accepted their revised standards without comment. The NEC committee wasn't one of them. After the dust settled, it reviewed 20 motions to return portions of the Code that had been cut or overturn comments that had earlier been accepted or rejected.

Here’s a list of the changes that were made at the meeting.

  • Accept Comment 2-91
  • Accept Comment 3-157
  • Accept Comment 3-520
  • Return Identifiable Part of Comment 7-14a
  • Return Identifiable Part of Comment 7-51a
  • Return Identifiable Part of Comment 7-60a
  • Reject Identifiable Part of Comment 7-67
  • Return Identifiable Part of Comment 7-75a
  • Return Identifiable Part of Comment 11-3a
  • Reject Comment 16-11
  • Accept Comment 16-109
  • Accept Comments 16-226
  • Accept Comments 16-227
  • Accept Comments 16-397
  • Accept Comments 16-715
  • Accept Comments 16-716
  • Accept Comments 16-717
  • Accept Comments 16-718
  • Accept Comment 18-107
  • Accept Comment 18-110
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