On the Road With the Code

On the Road With the Code

The boundaries of the electrical industry continue to expand, and the Code has grown with it. More than 25% of you think recreational vehicles are outside the scope of the NEC, but the rest of you were in favor of their inclusion. Almost a fourth thought it was about time to include standard cars and trucks as well, which ultimately begs the questions, What about all those hybrid cars on the road today, and how will electric cars be regulated when and if they're ever mass-produced?

We also asked you to provide your responses. One brave soul sent us his comments. It's about time the rest of you started following his lead.

Experience from the field
I feel that any mobile living (sleeping) space should come under the code, as it does now. I also feel that any work/display mobile facility that operates above 48V and allows customer/viewer contact be covered under the appropriate display/exhibition/theater articles. In my several years of exhibition facility work, I have intervened in quite a few dangerous situations.
Chuck Leppert

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