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TIA Related to Lighting Loads Issued

Repeated numeric values in the formula will result in confusion in the industry and misapplications of the exception.

Tentative Interim Amendment (TIA) Log #1262 to NFPA 70, National Electrical Code, 2017 edition, revises Sec. 220.12, Exception No. 2. The comment closing date on this TIA is May 18, 2017.

As noted in the substantiation section of this TIA:

“Exception No. 2 to 220.12 was a new requirement in the 2017 NEC. The allowance to reduce the unit lighting load of Table 220.12 by 1 volt-ampere/ft2 for banks and office areas was a positive step toward recognizing how the requirements in adopted energy codes can affect compliance with the National Electrical Code.

During the Second Draft it appears the numeric values “13.5 m2, (1.2 ft2), 11 m2 and (1 ft2)” were repeated in the formula. Because this was overlooked during the regular revision process, CMP 2 voted on the exception with the repeated numeric values and as currently written there will be confusion in the industry, a TIA is necessary to remove additional numeric values.”

As outlined in a portion of the Emergency Nature section of this TIA:

“Having repeated numeric values in the formula will result in considerable confusion in the industry and misapplications of the exception.”

You can view the full text of the TIA on the NFPA website.

Note: A TIA is tentative because it has not been processed through the entire standards-making procedures. It is interim because it is effective only between editions of the standard. A TIA automatically becomes a public input of the proponent for the next edition of the standard; as such, it then is subject to all of the procedures of the standards-making process.

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