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2021 Top 50 Electrical Contractors Rankings

Sept. 20, 2021
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With a mixture of doggedness, patience, creativity, and flexibility, most of the nation’s top electrical contractors managed to outmuscle the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic year of 2020, many even posting revenue gains that helped push the group’s top line by $1 billion over 2019.

The companies, whose 2020 electrical revenues placed them in the 2021 installment of the annual EC&M Top 50 Electrical Contractors ranking, escaped the debilitating fallout many in non-essential industries faced from the pandemic. But they still had to contend with project cancellations, delays and disruptions, seized-up markets, supply constraints, stay-at-home orders, distancing protocols, and a disorienting climate of uncertainty. The ultimate toll might not be fully revealed until 2021 or 2022 numbers are reconciled. Still, the Top 50 cobbled together enough business last year to log its 10th consecutive year of revenue growth, registering almost 3% higher than 2019 at $34.1 billion, nearly three times the amount the Top 50 booked a decade ago.

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