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Techtopia NECA 2018
Dahlia El Gazzar from Dahlia & Team gave a spirited and informative presentation on must-have apps.

Techtopia Returns to NECA

TECH Talks Appeal to Convention Goers

Techtopia’s brief 18-minute-long sessions on a broad range of new technologies attracted a steady flow of attendees. Sunday’s topics included “15 Must-Have Productivity Apps” by DAHLIA+ AGENCY, a tech and marketing consulting company based in Boston, “Using Drones for Industrial Inspection” by B&C Aerial Solutions, and “Changing Tools of the Trade” by Joey Shorter, NECA’s director of research.

Our favorite Techtopia presentation so far was Dahlia El Gazzar’s address on productivity apps. Her picks for the best apps for those who want to stay up to date in the business arena include WhatsApp for team meetings and document sharing, Grammarly for spot checking emails and memos for correct grammar usage, and LastPass to protect all your passwords.

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