Code Clusters Bracket Challenge Winners Announced

Code Clusters Bracket Challenge Winners Announced

And the winner of the NEC Bracket Challenge is...

Congratulations to Mickey Culver of Monmouth, Ore., for securing the top prize in EC&M’s first-ever Code Clusters Bracket Challenge. Culver and one other contestant correctly identified 14 out of 15 winners in the individual pairings that were presented throughout the contest. Culver’s name was then selected at random as the overall winner. He won a $100 Amazon Gift Card for his picking prowess. Steve Kraker, a journeyman electrician with Staff Electric in West Bend, Wisc., was selected as our random drawing winner from the 407 total contest participants. He received a $25 Amazon Gift Card just for joining in on the fun.

NEC Violations Illustrated - Cross 1

So which one of the 16 Code Clusters featured at the start of the contest came out on top as the fan favorite? The so-called “Church Cross” electric utility pole rising out of the roof of a new building took down its “Homemade Fuses” opponent in the championship round. As strange as this situation appears, the good news is the conductors attached to this pole and spanning across the roof of the building were de-energized.

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